About Polaris

You may not know it, but Polaris is the North Star, the anchor of the northern sky.  Polaris is known as a landmark that helps those who follow it determine their direction as it glows brightly to guide and lead toward a desired destination.   The symbolism of Polaris depicts a beacon of hope, inspiration and destiny.  We are a business that truly believes in authenticity, creativity, and over delivering. At Polaris Marketing & Consulting, we help businesses reach for the stars with our dedication to collaboration, customized solutions, and outstanding customer care. 



Polaris Marketing & Consulting was founded in 2016 to help businesses stay ahead of the competition. Our wide range of services covers everything from business consultation to content creation. At Polaris, we have everything a business needs to establish themselves and stand apart from their competition.

Our clients are our partners. We work closely with our customers to build custom solutions that meet their unique needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large brand, we can model our services to accomplish your goals. We take a holistic approach to marketing: you, your brand, and your budget are all considered when we pitch effective solutions to help take your business to the next level. Build your brand with us and be “Powered by Polaris”.

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Meet Our Team

Polaris Marketing & Consulting is a team of marketing strategists with a proven track record of growing businesses through various online digital marketing campaigns, optimizations, website and landing page development, social media marketing and more. We have a robust suite of solutions that can assist businesses looking to establish credibility, domain authority, new business or client relationships and hit online growth and sales goals. We do a comprehensive analysis of each business’ digital footprint and then customize the solutions to fit each client’s needs.

Our Founder and CEO, Jenni White has been a much sought after marketing guru from tech start ups to long-term established businesses. She specializes in building strategic partnerships, business development and marketing strategy implementation. In addition to managing Polaris Marketing & Consulting’s digital services empire, Jenni also consults with companies across the United States and donates her time to multiple charities as well. She is a Dale Carnegie Black Belt, studied undergrad at The Claremont Colleges in Claremont, CA and is originally from Portland, Oregon. She is a founding fellow and contributor to Coruzant Technologies coruzant.com and follows blockchain technology, innovative tech and marketing transformations across the board.

Jenni is often a guest speaker and will be a panelist at the upcoming General Assembly Womxn In Marketing event on March 2, 2021 at 12-1pm Pacific.  Gear up to hear from inspiring womxn leaders – across media, to market, design, and tech – who have blazed the path to stand up and stand out. From learnings, to failings and their secrets of success, this event is an opportunity to learn from the best – serious wisdom, from seriously cool womxn, all designed to supercharge you and your organization’s success. Join us: Womxn In Marketing

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Our Values

There’s nothing more important to us than our client’s experience. All of our beliefs, processes, and actions are designed to match our values.

Over Delivering

What We Do Best

Website development

Business Development Consulting Services




Directory Listings


Social Media Content Creation & Posting

Website design

Website Design


Digital Ad Campaigns


Reputation Management


Public Relations


Blogs & Articles

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